• Regents Chemistry is an introductory chemistry course.  Topics include atomic structure, periodic table, physical behavior of matter and energy, bonding, reactions, acids and bases, organic and nuclear chemistry.

    Course Materials:

    The following materials are required daily for class:

    • Pen or pencil.
    • 3 ring binder.

    Additional materials that are recommended are:

    • An inexpensive scientific calculator with the basic math functions, scientific notation, sine, cosine, tangent, square and square root.
    • Chemistry Review book (approximately $10.00).

    Students who consistently need to borrow materials or leave the classroom to retrieve materials will lose points on their class participation grade.

    Class Expectations:

    Students are expected to follow all the rules in the Maryvale Code of Conduct.  Class attendance is extremely important.  Students who are absent are responsible for making up missed work.  Assignments that were due the day of the absence are due the day you return.

    Grading Policy:

    Quarterly grades for this course are weighted as follows:

    • Test and quizzes                   60%
    • Homework                             10%
    • Labs                                      20%
    • Class Participation                 10%

    Your final grade for this class in an equally weighted average of your 4 marking period grades and your Regents exam grade.  A passing grade on the regents exam automatically results in a passing grade for the class.