Common Core Algebra B

  • Algebra B:  Classroom policies and requirements

    Teacher:  Ms. Dimitri      Email:


           Welcome to the Math!  In order to have a successful year we need to start at the beginning and work together.  First, teaching you math is my priority.  I am here for you.  Please don’t hesitate to ask questions or see me to discuss anything. 

           Below is an outline of the grading procedures, classroom procedures, extra help opportunities, supplies needed, calculator usage, discipline procedures etc.  Please review it carefully, sign the bottom and return it. Please feel free to make any comments or suggestions.  


    Grading Policy:

    • Tests/Quizzes:  65% of the quarterly grade.  Tests will be announced in advance so students have the opportunity to plan their study time and will be cumulative.  There will also be at least one quiz given weekly.  The weekly quizzes may be in the form of defining vocabulary or traditional type of quiz assessing knowledge of skills.  It is important that you study your notes and vocabulary lists before you come into class. 
    • Class work/effort: 10% of quarterly grade. Students need to actively participate in classroom activities, classroom assignments, warm ups, ask and answer questions, and carefully copy class notes and examples.  Students need to be prepared for class by having their supplies.  When class starts they should be in their seats and ready to work.
    • Homework: 15% of the quarterly grade.  Homework is assigned after every class period and completion is expected by the next class session.  Homework is graded as follows: 
      • Each homework is worth +5 points only if the assignment is 95% - 100% complete with ALL WORK SHOWN! 20 Completed homework assignments = 100%. 
      • Every missing, poorly completed, or incomplete assignment will be given 0 points.
      • Late homework assignments will not be accepted. Exception: Absences- see absence policy.
      • Homework help will be available by appointment.


    • Math Lab: 10% of quarterly grade. Students will have one period a week of math lab.  This time is used to reinforce the learning that has taken place throughout the week.  We will spend the time using technology and resources that complement our topics.



    Absences:  If you are absent, you will have an extension of 2 class periods for each class missed to turn in your work, take a missed test or quiz without a late penalty.  You will be responsible for copying missed class notes and examples from a classmate and see me for extra assistance with the material, if needed.



    • Pen/pencil/paper
    • Folder and notebook