Homework Policy

  • pencil Why I assign homework?

    I believe homework is important because it is a valuable aid in helping students make the most of their experience in school.  Homework is given to reinforce what has been learned in class, teaches responsibility and helps the students develop good study habits.

    When homework will be assigned?

    Homework will be assigned Monday through Friday.  30 minutes of independent/guided reading will be every night.  A daily math worksheet along with Spelling will be four nights out of the week.  Any missed or incomplete assignments, a note will be stapled to your child's agenda for your signature.  Students should then bring the homework in the next day.

    Student's homework responsibility:

    I expect the student's to put effort into their work and do the best job that they can.  The work must be neat, complete and on time.  The child may have assistance on their homework as long as the child has put forth the effort in trying to complete the work by him/herself.

    Teacher's homework responsibility:

    I will check all homework regularly and return the work in a timely fashion.  Students will be recognized and rewarded when they complete their homework.  A continuation of incomplete homework assignments will affect their report card grade.

    Parent's homework responsibility:

    Parents are the key to making homework a positive experience for their children.  I ask that parents please make homework a top priority, provide any necessary supplies needed to complete an assignment, establish a routine homework time, and create a comfortable environment to complete the work.  Offer praise and support to your child when they complete an assignment.  Contact me with any concerns.

    If a student does not complete a homework assignment, I will ask that the parent/guardian begin signing each assignment every night.