Welcome to Mr. Flett and Mr. Cooper's

    "All-Star" team!


    Welcome to Mr. Flett and Mr.Cooper's third grade All-Star team! We have a great year ahead of us building up our championship team. The team is looking for you to take your place as our center. We have many exciting activites planned for this school year. Get ready to dive into some great books and tackle reading and comprehension skills! We will have the opportunity to create some amazing writing pieces too! We will also be going on an adventure to explore the different continents and oceans in Social Studies!

    You will then be able to explore Science as you work like scientists to unravel new discoveries. We will also work on solving math problems along with improving your math skills. You will explore a new computer based math approach, called Zearn, to help navigate through the 7 math modules.

    This year may look a little differently than normal. We are here to support you and help you grow. Let's get ready for a wonderful learning experience in third grade! We cannot wait to meet you! Please tell everyone at your home we are looking forward to meeting as well, and togther making this year the best it can be for you.




    We will get through this challenging time in education together!



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