Principal's Page

  • May/ June 2019,

    Thirty weeks of the school year is past us and we are heading towards the examination time frame for the end of the school year.  I am pleased to announce that we recognized students of the month once again this past year, for every subsequent month of the school year.  We are also pleased to announce that disciplinary infractions appear to be in a 3 year downward trend overall and also it looks as if we recognized near 400 stduents with an average of either 90% or 85% again this past quarter, adorning student lockers with a silver or gold star for their achievement.  We recognized those 247 students who have not been tardy or had a discipline consequence the past quarter as well.  

    Parents and students, our campus is undergoing some change on our athletic fields and in our buildings and this is very exciting.  Recently, I have sent out a "thought exchange" on the potential of an "away for the day" policy at our high school and district wide.  This policy would mean any personal electronic devices should be placed in lockers for the school day.  We hope this will improve the overall social, emotional and intellectual growth of students in our care.  The pressures of 24/7 electronic access to social media and other negative influences, have the potential to hurt overall academic performance and impact our students abilities to communciate and socialize effectively.  

    Thank you and best wishes on a successful end of the school year, 18-19' almost in the books!


    See events below :



    AP Studio Art Portfolio- May 5-16

    AP Lit and Comp.-  May 8

    AP USHAG- May 10

    BOE Meeting - May 13 (code of conduct review)

    50 Day Bash- May 15

    AP World History- May 16

    Maryvale Erie BOCES Prom- May 17

    Awards Night/NHS convocation- May 22

    MUD- May 23

    35 week Interim- May 24

    Spring Concert- May 30

    GL 10 Transition Exam- June 3

    Prom-  Kloc's Grove- June 7

    BOE -June 17

    NYS Regents Exams-June 18-26

    Graduation UB---June 28



    Stack's Points for Success:

    1)                Attendance- We need to have our students here and do whatever it takes to see the benefit of a quality education and the positive impacts in a student’s life.

    2)                Environment- Culture is what you allow for students and the community.  Students do not care what you know until they know you care.

    3)                Work- Invest in the work of being a student, ie. Homework, assessment, study  skills, respect, accountability.

    4)                Instruction- Provide quality instruction that is varied and greeted by varying learning modalities and abilities.

    5)                Assessment- We must frequently assess student performance.  Assessment comes in many ways---not always a high stakes test.





    Thomas B. Stack

    Maryvale High School Principal