YEAR-ROUND GREEN FUNDRAISING - Together We Can Do a World of Good!

  •  Year-Round “Green” Fundraisers 

    Together We Can Do A World Of Good! 


    Earn cash for Maryvale by clipping 10¢ Box Tops from hundreds of products and sending them to school. 


    Earn cash for Maryvale at over 400 online stores. Just start here, choose a store, click on its logo and shop as usual. You’ll automatically earn eBoxTops® for Maryvale with every qualified purchase. 


    Bring your old cell phones, chargers, cords, empty ink cartridges, or old electronics and drop them in the ImagineItRecycling box in the main foyer at school to earn money for Maryvale. Check it out! 


    Got shoes that you’ve outgrown, out of style, or no longer worn? What school aged child or parent doesn’t! Collect those paired, reusable shoes, ShoeBox Recycling will pay us $0.50 per pair. The shoes are distributed for resale and reuse in their original form, at various local marketplaces around the world. 


    A free app called Shoparoo, available for iOS and Android, lets people raise funds for Maryvale by taking snapshots of their grocery receipts. Buy the products you want, wherever and however you want. Then, just snap a pic of your receipt to make an instant donation. Information gathered by Shoparoo is aggregated to identify trends and general consumer behavior, and is completely anonymous – no personal information is shared with brands or marketers. Get the app now. 


    We take a technically non-recyclable item and send it to TerraCycle, which pays 2 cents for every chip bag sent in. What can be collected: ANY empty chip/snack bags, any size, any brand. If you find it in the chip aisle of the grocery store, it is considered a chip bag. 


    TOPS supermarket is committed to education in the communities they serve. That's why TOPS is actively bringing more ways to raise money for local schools to their stores. Check out their programs and start raising money for Maryvale today! 


    What if you could get lightly used brand-name clothing for bargain prices and also help our school? That’s the concept behind Schoola Stitch, a new online nationwide consignment store that recycles brand-name children’s clothes and donates a portion of the proceeds to Maryvale. Request a bag now at Schoola