The Writing Process

  • The Writing Process
    There are 5 steps to follow in order to write organized, well-developed, error-free papers:

    1. Prewrite (Brainstorm):
    -Make a list, chart, or web of the ideas and topics.

    2. Write:
    -Write the rough draft focusing on developing ideas with details, examples, and description. ELABORATE!

    3. Edit and Revise:
    -Edit the rough draft checking for organization, sentence fluency, sentence structure, spelling, punctuation, word choice, and details.
    -Make revisions in content where needed.  

    4. Proofread:

    -Write the final draft in dark blue or black ink only.

    -Proofread the final draft for errors.

    5. Publish:
    -Turn in the paper on the date it is due.